Hi, this is Steve Westmark of Counselor Realty.  Thanks so much for watching my video blog this week.  Counselor Realty recently introduced to the marketplace through Circle Pix their new Star Marketing System.  And these are some of the things that their new system will do.  Number one, as we add our pictures to your property and you’re putting it on the market, they do a virtual tour on your property.  With that virtual tour, it is then sent out to places like Homes.com, Zillow, Yahoo, Realtor.com, and Trulia.  

They also put things together that go out to YouTube.  And with those YouTube videos of your tour, they’re also linked back to the many websites that are out there in the marketplace that brings your property higher in the search engines as people are looking for it.  They also generate a DVD that gives a video tour that people can pick up and just pop in their computer if they’d like.  They automatically then help us so that we can post it to our Facebook video pages or we can put them on Craigslist or other third-party sites that will allow us to post in social media.

Another thing that they do is they put together a personal QR code on your property with your video tour.  We also now have this 24-hour information line that as people drive up to your property they can either with their smartphone take a picture of the QR code or they can call on the telephone and receive immediately by text or by message more information on your property.  

The continuance of changes in technology are things that we like to adapt and continue to adapt and make things even better for buyers that are in our marketplace, but also much better for you as a seller as you’re trying to get the maximum value for your property by making sure more and more eyeballs are seeing your property on the market.  Make is a great day and thanks for listening.  Bye!