STEVE:  Hi, this is Steve Westmark of Counselor Realty.  Thanks so much for watching my video blog this week.  Lake area has joined the RMLS of the Twin Cities.  Along with that, they asked for certain things to be added to the multiple listings searches that people can do, and it changes Lake Shore significantly.

So let me let you know what I can do for you in searching for your lakeshore as a Lake Shore buyer.  Number one, many times people know the amount of frontage they want.  Maybe they know that they need a least 100 foot of frontage to be happy or 50 foot of frontage to be happy.  We put that into that.  We also know what the DNR lake number is so that when you go on the MLS you can click and go in and find all the statistics from the Minnesota DNR on your lake.

We also have a place for elevation to find out what the elevation is from the back of the house down to the lakeshore.  So if you’re looking for a very level elevation, you can ask for that.  And so if you want zero to 4 foot or 10 to 15 foot, you can put that type of thing.  If you like the views and sitting higher and having more of an expanse over the lake, you may want to ask for a 25-foot elevation or something on that order where you have a greater view.

It’ll have a few steps down to the lake, but you’ll have a much greater view.  We also have to ask and put in the type of lake bottom.  Well, everybody wants—well, I can’t say that everybody wants sand—but I like sand.  But you can put in sand or gravel or hard or rocky or soft or undeveloped, all those types of things.  Sometimes people like wilderness lakeshore where it’s weedy and really just charming.

Other things that you can put in is like waterfront views, and we can ask specific questions about the waterfront views you want and we can put those in.  I’m excited that I’ve changed all of my listings and put all those types of statistics in for my lakeshore homes, and these are going to become better and better as the months continue and agents begin to learn how to use this.  Give me a call if you want to have a better search for your lakeshore.  Make it a great day.  Bye.