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How we market your listing at the Westmark Team

by Steve Westmark


This is Steve Westmark, Counselor Realty.  Thanks so much for watching my video blog this week.  Today, I thought I would talk to you about evaluating what happens when you have a blip on your credit score or what changes your credit scores. And I’m going to give you a few illustrations and you’ll look from this chart what happens when you start with a credit of 680, 720, or 780. The higher the credit score, the better your credit is.

But I’m going to just stay with the consumer one at the 680. If you have a 30-day late on your mortgage payment or probably even a credit card payment, your credit score drops from 680 down to 600 to 620. If you have a 90-day late on your mortgage, it also is just the same. Kind of surprising I thought.

The next one to look at is where you have a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure where you give a deed back to your mortgage company and just say I don’t want foreclosure or you settle with no deficiency on your mortgage, your credit score gets hit by 610 to 630, which is really pretty good compared to what some of these other 60- and 90-day lates are.

The ones where you really get hit is where you have a short sale with a deficiency. That’s where the bank agrees to a partial short sale but then wants you to pay something back or you have a foreclosure where you go into total foreclosure. That drops you down to a 575 to 595, and then the bottom one shows you what happens if you go through bankruptcy. That drops you down to a 530 to 550.


In a former video I had in a credit repair expert, and I’d encourage you to go to my website and look at how do you go through credit repair to improve your credit so you can go out and get a mortgage in the future.

Well, thanks so much for watching my video this week. I hope it was very informative for you and the very best to you. Make it a great day. Bye.

Counselor Realty - On the Move!

by Steve Westmark

STEVE: Hi. This is Steve Westmark, Counselor Realty. Thanks so much for watching my video blog this week. I thought I’d introduce you to our new real estate office that we’ve just moved into on February 1st. The location of our office is right at the corner of Highway 7 and Highway 101 in Minnetonka. We went from a 25,000-car traffic count to a 125,000 traffic count.

Have great signage out there, and we have this building that is being refurbished, redone, and we have the whole first floor on this marvelous building. Now as you see here, we’re in the reception area of our office building and we have a reception desk. To the back of it, we’ve got all the agent workspaces and things that are going on back there. Plus the coffee area. And we have all the technology of the things that were put together for us.

And then we have another space that we’re excited about. Well, this area is our Triple C or our Counselor Consumer Café. As you’ll see, we have coffee. We have refreshments. We also have flat screen TV where we rotate houses that are for sale, and we just have a nice sitting area where you can come in and just sit down. We also have free WiFi for people to use, so if you bring in your computer or iPad or whatever, you just go on and you can be looking at different things while you’re waiting to meet either with your agent or loan officer, whoever you would meet.

Well, come on in to our conference room. It’s a great area for you to either meet to close on your house where we bring our closer in, or we meet with you to talk about the pricing of your property, or we meet with our buyers to go over things that are on the computer screen and talk about houses and what fits them and how we can go through the different things, whether it be on demographics or all the different technologies that we have that’s available. But it’s a great conference room for us to meet with you, and we can’t wait until you come in and meet with us.

Well, and last and not least, they even gave me an office space that I can work in, so I’d like to show that off to you. The first area I’m going to show you is I have a flat screen and a nice conference area that I can meet with my customers and clients and friends that want to come in and talk about their real estate needs. And then it was fun putting together the technology in my office where I could have the flat screens that allow me to work with today’s technology and being able to see the different things and make my phone calls.

I’ve got a couple of phones in here and just great stuff that will really help me be effective and efficient for my customers and clients in day to day. Well, thanks so much for watching my video. We’re really excited about our real estate office. Look forward to inviting you as the weather warms up to our grand opening coming sometime either May or June. Thanks and have a great day. Bye.



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