Cyberstars 2010

Scottsdale, AZ


Tech tools – Rob Jansen, Rob Levy, Nate Maritnez


iPhone – applications

 Jawbone Headset

ColorSplash – standing out

Instapaper on the iPhone or iPod

Autostitch – iPhone

Zillow iPhone application

Tour narrator –

MapQuest navigator

Slydial – goes straight to the voice mail.


Adobe Photoshop for iPhone

Mobileme – internet cloud, full internet between Mac and iPhone

            Does work with Mac and pc

Knockinglivevideo – iPhone send video phone to phone

Snippets –

Mobilio for blackberry

Auto conference



Mac book touch – just coming out

Dell xt2tablet pc – solid state hard drive

MIFI 2200 from sprint that is a wifi – can be shared with 5 people

4g wimax sprint – rolled out by clear wire – only 4 g – be sure to get it from Sprint

Projector from 3m to use from

Dell 1901s



Picasa – 99% can be used for photo

Snagit – Capture. Edit. Share. Organize

Walkscore – tells you what you can walk to

Jing – like Snagit

Premierpro cs4 - $600

Visual communicator from Adobe –

Keyword spy – keyword research

Printlimenator – remove stuff from intern

Website grader



Platinum Real Pro – idx, people, where leads are, all the team can use from iPhone and blackberry. Calendars. You can go to breakout today for more info


Kodak V750

Poor Mans Steady Cam

Flip Eye-Fi – it does geo code

LCDVF7D – viewer

Lense – sunpak  m power lense – lens .45 x

Canon Rebel T1i – code



Lead Generation & Conversion – Bryan Bomba, Kristen Cole, Sven Anderson, Thomas Cook


Market and team structure – Bomba -150 leads a months, uses tigerleads, custom web and -25% of his business comes from internet.

Cole – VA does lead conversion out of KC. 1800 leads a year.  Steal websites, you have the right message so that you get people to site. They have worked on foreclosure and short sale, that is who they come in. Copy in the lender for the leads.

Cook –


Database – Top Producer 7i – looking for a better solution, Online Agent – admin uses, real pro for drips, Cook uses Top Producer 8i and likes it . Constant contact, get response, and intele contacts

Have over 65000 contacts in email. –Cook

Bomba – Tiger Leads with email conversion, scripts, blogging and direct Mail

Cole – stealth websites, micro marketing to specific sellers, blogging and direct mail.

Cook – craigslist, pay per click, buyer seminars.


Bomba – if there is a phone number with the email – call asap

            Go to Bomba site to get dripped


Cole – VA that does the immediate contacts, then puts into AO and website back end.

            On her website is best buy.

            Using the David Knox videos on short sales and tax credit

Stealth sites – best buy list, foreclosure email, idx search, preset idx searches, public sites


Cook – The thank you site –

            Are you interested in other areas

            Getting information as you warm them up. Get a sign in and then have them

            asking for more information.

            On going training for internet lead conversion

            Pay per click – on Google



            20 individual sign up sites –

He buys his pay per click when he needs it and flips it off and on. He gets 35- 50 clicks per day.


Print advertising –

            Just listed and just sold cards

            Direct mail – experience matters more than ever.

            List of homes when they were the second Realtor

            Micro marketing – finding sellers that can really sell. Finding seller that

            bought before 2004 with only one loan. Terry Mc that maybe able to find out

            that person.


Blogging with kinetic

Altos research

Stealth ads in the newspaper

Respond to email with in 10 minutes. Response is 4 times better when done by phone.


Top lead generation & top conversion tools


Blogging and adding content to your site that will be market edge type of interest. for listing leads

Small ads in newspaper of your stealth ads

Gooder group on the website

Niche website that generates

Get a good response from Craigslist – call to action after the ad for want a foreclosure list, free CMA, or email list of houses.

Personal contact is the 4 times more effective.

High touch working with the database with client events, asking for Facebook classes,

Banner ad on the newspaper site for CMA’s for $45 per month. Ron Kubek

Hour of power by talking with clients.

Social, economic and keyword adds.

Display ads for being specific to social / economic

Highly targeted pay per click – Patrick Lilly – Greenwich Village town house

Every office meetings team member does 3 thank yous a week

Stealth ads on tag lines on craigslist – Galen 200-300 leads a week with 8 sales.

Market snap shot - that it $99 per month.

Dining card in their area they can pay for ($4) and 2 for 1.

Seminars – buyer workshops, women for women, 100 to 150 per month.

Visual tour and uploading it to Craigslist

Purchased 5 zip codes from Zillow for leads. $6000 per year.

Micro sites for specific neighborhoods – does a neighborhood a month. – Willow Historic Neighborhood - Phoenix, he uses referral only. Goes after listings.

Banner ads on TV or Newspaper Websites

Radio station advertising - $2200 per month

Keywords – property listings

Form – weekly foreclosure list

Sold cards – sold , in case you missed it, homes I sold

Target market to seniors – went to people who have lived in homes over 20 years through title companies.

Newsletter – neighborhood farming – hand delivers


Three Minutes of Fame


Tupper – does a walk on video like Demetiria with buttons instead of having every time, add banker’s quarterly report.


Leigh Brown – account $19 per month – seller, buyer, relo books

            Don’t print the books just email them to customers

            Green version of the homebuyer workbook


Judy Luna – you can get a wide angle or fisheye


Schenfeild – “Free” is my favorite place.

   – you can tell you a lot of stuff going on in this difficult


            Google Docs Spreadsheets is for free – put all listings on a spread sheet and

            can view it from the team. Any time a team member changes is changes to

            everyone. It can be viewed on your cell phone. Google is going to rule the



Orly – with sound enhancements

            Redx – a great expired program

            Shredding event in a neighborhood with a shredding truck.

            Eco-friendly shopping bag Art of Marketing 888


Wynne Achatz – sendoutcards for birthdays, anniversaries

            FAX service, Notary service


Erik Lerner –“Qualify” Architectural Quality of Listing

                                    Enrich your understanding



Bryan Bomba – Welcome to the Neighborhood Sign for 2 weeks for your buyers.


Scott Pridemore – Canon 50D with wide angle, photomatrix, HDR Techniques and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2


Tim Burrell - Technology & Short Sales – Training for how to go from signing to back approval. Software is for working on your short sale. Outsource it to a closing services company for short sale.


Tami Spaudling – Job Loss Protection Program, mortgage payment protection plan, $500 at closing.


Valerie Hunter Kelly – Amazon Kindle – paperless, more environmentally friendly. Download 60 books. Much cheaper than buying regular books. Over 1000 blogs. Over 350,000 titles for Kindle. Cost around $260. Free access to Wikipedia.


Susan Camiliere – holiday party, invitation to database 4-5 times over 6 weeks. It is the 1st Monday of December. Cost $3500.





Virtual Assistants – Sven Andersen, Shane White, Leigh Brown


VA – Using Steve Kantor’s team that he goes over projects for the week and then they implement. Contact management, closing coordinator. It took Sven 7 different VA’s before found one he really worked well with. Creative marketing, post cards, blogs, newsletters, web banners and footers, eCare coordinator (leads for seller, buyer, renter, relo), data base cleanup, better organization and lead management, any thing that doesn’t take a personal touch in office. They become a business expense, no office expense, don’t need to teach, no dead time, no vacation or benefits, 

You can hire for a specific talent.

Order by project.

Finding one by referrals and/or recommendations from agents.

Hourly rate or contract.

What do you think your ROI is for your VA?


VPN to do a remote. to upload pics,


How to make sure it is the right one

            - things to look for and think about

            - make sure personality, profile fits job description


It is hard to find a good VA.



            Steve Kantor


What VA did?

            Updated Real Pro site – babblefish, altos

            Do the brochures – template

            Post cards for just listed, just sold – go to a mail house, special events.

            Listing marketing to craigslist, Zillow,, etc

            Monthly marketing eNewsletter

            Posts the blogs, does the Monday Morning Coffee

            Do the drip marketing campaigns, customize it.

            Newsletter can become a blog post

            Referral marketing

            Create stats for houses

            Internet marketing

            Website maintenance

            Internet lead follow-up – leads went from 6% of business to 23%

            Buyer lead management including database organization, phone calls,

                        vetting relo leads

            Enter all leads into central database and attach email campaign.

            Make initial phone call within minutes of prospect registering.

            Schedule recurring follow-up calls

            Access to automated searches

            Send to lenders

            Either they die or buy

            The VA and pick the DISC

            Listing processing

            Calling database

            Closing coordination



Real Pro Systems Upgrade Ideas


John Jones with video that is updated.


Background photo on the front page is video


Pick your from pic as a reflection of your area, maybe using the seasons.


Sven Andersen with them around the area North of Boston Real Estate – he went to his VA to creatively work with Real Pro to upgrade for front page.


They do free training. Virtual assistants can be the hired from Real Pro for $30 an hour. They know Real Pro Systems.


Find the Sven page for following on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn


A blog with a video in it.


John Jones does Tuesday Morning Coffee with a video.


What ever you can bring up on a browser your can put on your blog.


Control panel with videos with 15 different things


Altos research to take info and drop into your pages for market stats


Community market statistic – Bearpath market stats for Chapel Hill Stats to check


Made links for an idx search – look at Janet Reilly Monterey County


Blog article by Zac with a list of terms _ bankruptcy


Rob Zimmer and video


Testimonial videos from raving fans.


Tom Cain sets up community vendors


You can have as many custom pages as you want


Idx broker – drilling down to specific neighborhoods to have for quick look

            Bank owned

            Short Sale

            Traditional sales



Look a Rob Levy to see the specific neighborhoods and then by price


You can go to the idx site from your Bank Owned with idx broker